Energy-saving professional kitchen hood for equipment that generates grease, such as griddles, deep fryers and ranges.

  • Factory-assembled hood in stainless steel sheet metal, with supply air and exhaust air
  • Control air along the sides of the hood effectively captures odours
  • Recessed supply air terminal on the front, with adjustable comfort nozzle at the bottom
  • Highly efficient cyclone filter for good fire safety andeasy cleaning of exhaust air ducts
  • Easy installation with small modules and rail system



The hood lets fresh air into the kitchen via the supply air terminal. Part of the air can be directed in the desired direction with the help of an adjustable comfort nozzle at the
bottom of the air terminal.

Contaminated air is drawn up and retained in the hood with the help of the control air, which also prevents leakage of contaminated air.

Grease and particles are removed from the exhaust air with the help of efficient cyclone filters. The filtered air is then discharged via the exhaust air duct.


The hood can be manufactured with the desired number of sides and is delivered in prefabricated modules (module length 100 mm - 1100 mm).

  • Sides in stainless steel sheet metal
  • Cyklotec cyclone filter with damper and pressure tap
  • Recessed LED lighting, protection class IP 65
  • Integrated supply air terminals with damper, pressure tap, inspection hatch and adjustable comfort nozzle
  • Built-in fan for control air


A - Length of active module 1 100 mm
B - Length of passive module
C - Depth of hood
D - CC dimension supply air connection 550 mm
E - Distance from front to centre supply air connection 220 mm
F - Distance from rear edge to centre exhaust air connection 310 mm
H - Height of hood
h - Height of cover
ØDC - Diameter exhaust air connection
ØDT - Diameter supply air connection

Exhaust air

The exhaust air flow determines how many filter cassettes are needed in the cyclone filter. For effective grease separation, a pressure drop of at least 20 Pa across the cyclone filter is recommended, which corresponds to the lower exhaust air flow rate in the table below. At the higher exhaust air flow rate, a pressure drop of 80-90 Pa is recommended.

Exhaust air l/s Number of filter cassettes ØDC mm LC mm
60-150 1 250 1100
120-250 2 250 1100
170-340 3 400 1100
215-430 4 400 1100
250-520 5 400 1100

Supply air

Modules with a functional length of 1100 mm have integrated supply air terminals on the front. The front can be opened for inspection and fine-tuning of the air flow. The supply air flow per module is 100-350 l/s, distributed over two connections of 250 mm each.

Air flow, l/s Length of panels, mm Connections, ØDT mm
90-350 1100 2 st x 250

Control air

The control air flow rate is 5.5 l/s per metre along the entire hood. The control air is taken from the room air and is pressurised with the help of an integrated fan. The fan can be inspected via the hood’s front hatch.

Number of fans Length of panels, mm Air flow per meter, l/s/m
1 0-10 5,5
2 10-20 5,5

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