Easy-Vent® for new and older homes

Supplies both new and older homes with filtered and preheated fresh air.

Fresh air is a perishable product that should be handled with care and should therefore be directed along the shortest way into the home. The air should be clean and maintain a comfortable temperature to provide the best possible comfort.

Easy-Vent® is used in buildings with exhaust and self-traction systems, mainly residential buildings.
Used air in apartments is sucked out via the kitchen fan in the kitchen, vents in the toilet / bathroom and sometimes in walk-in wardrobes. Easy-Vent is located behind, below or next to the radiator in other rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms.


Easy-Vent® is based on a simple but highly effective system:

  1. Outside air is drawn in through the outer wall.
  2. The air is filtered with Acticon’s original filter.
  3. The air is heated using a radiator.

A complete installation consists of an air vent and wall conduit that are customised for the individual project.

Easy-Vent® is a flexible system where, through many years of experience, we have developed solutions that are suitable for both new buildings and various types of renovation projects. The range is based on whether new radiators should be used or whether existing ones should be retained.

Easy-Vent® for new radiators

Easy-Vent® for existing radiators




For more information about Easy-Vent®, please contact:

Mårten Ahlmén
Tel: +46 8-557 682 10