Kitchen waste system

Kitchen Waste Systems

For efficient handling of food waste in commercial kitchens.

Wherever food is handled, it produces food waste that creates hygiene and strain risks. With our automated food waste grinder systems, manual handling is dramatically reduced. The food waste is transported in closed systems to the tank and can then be exploited as an important resource for the production of biogas and biofertiliser.


NanoVac is a closed system for handling food waste with an integrated grinder and storage tank.
The food waste grinder is freestanding and placed in a separate environmental/waste room.

MicWaste 15 och 30

MicWaste is a closed pump system for handling food waste. The pump system can transport food waste up to 15 or 30 metres from the food waste grinder.


MicroVac is a closed vacuum system for handling food waste. The system consists of a deposit bench with integrated grinder and separate vacuum unit and storage tank.
The system can be equipped with one or more deposit benches that are placed in the kitchen or washing-up room.

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