About us

We are located right next to the shore of Lake Vättern

In Bankeryd outside Jönköping you will find our head office. We are a collection of enthusiastic employees who are passionate about developing energy-smart solutions for a better indoor climate. Listening to our customers and their needs is a matter of course for us and also an important part of our success. Our technical salespeople have a high presence in the market and are constantly ready to find the right solution together with our customers.

We also have a product development department with our own air technical laboratory. We have all the prerequisites to develop today's and the future's best ventilation solutions.

Acticon was founded in 1992 and has since the start focused on developing simple technical solutions that provide functional, long-term and energy-efficient products for smarter ventilation. It is something that is highly topical to this day and also in the future.

For a number of years, Acticon has been owned by Herenco, a privately owned group with local roots in Jönköping. It gives us the opportunity to develop further as a company and become even better at what we do, work for a better climate in each room.


Over generations, be a leading company, with care for the communities we operate in as a strong driving force.

Mission statement

We develop, sell and market energy-smart solutions for a better indoor climate. Our products should be of the highest possible quality and last in the long run, while being easy to understand, install and use. With genuine knowledge, a high level of service and a strong will to develop together, we create profitability for our partners and clean environments for people to live and work in.