Environment, Quality and Ethics

Responsibility for the environment

Environmental issues are a natural and integral part of our business. Here are some concrete examples of how we are trying to contribute to long-term ecological sustainability:

  • Our products have a long lifespan and are made from recyclable materials by producers who meet our high quality and environmental standards.
  • Our production processes result in no emissions to land, water or air and do not require permits under current environmental legislation.
  • All manufacturing takes place in Sweden, which reduces environmentally damaging transport modes.
  • Our goods are transported by environmentally certified transport companies with environmentally certified vehicles.
  • All packaging material can either be reused or recycled.
  • We are affiliated with the industry's Packaging Collection Service (FTI).

Expertise and quality

We see delivering high quality as a decisive factor in the continued positive development of our company. For this reason, it is our goal to always meet - and preferably exceed - our customers' needs and expectations.

We shall offer the best quality possible regarding our products, technical support and service level. It goes without saying that the products we deliver must meet promised performance and sustained quality and be delivered on time and to the right place with the right documentation.

We also achieve customer satisfaction by offering top-quality technical advice. This is why we also systematically carry out quality control of the technical and professional skills of our sales staff. This ensures that customer needs and wishes are carefully analysed, so that the products and solutions they select are best suited to their needs.

Our way of working, both internally and externally, should be characterised by a positive attitude and the search for the best possible solutions for our customers. Our approach should always be friendly and our communication prompt and accurate.

Business ethics

The marketing and sales of Acticon's products and services must always be conducted in a businesslike and ethical manner, i.e. be based upon factors such as quality, price, delivery reliability and service level.

We build long-term and trusting relationships with our customers and partners. This is done through honesty, integrity and care. We treat other people with the respect we expect ourselves. Acticon employees must never demand, offer or accept bribes or other improper benefits to retain a customer or secure business.

Our suppliers and partners are evaluated and selected based on their ability to deliver on commercially sound and ethical grounds.